HDX-ADM-100 DX for Administrators (Beginners)
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Course: HDX-ADM-100 HCL Digital Experience for Administators (Beginners)


  • This course is for administrators who want to get started using HCL Digital Experience.
  • It is the beginner's course that helps you better understand how you may use HCL Digital Experience to manage the administration aspects.
  • Once completed, you may continue with the intermediate and advanced courses (when they will be available).
  • You should first complete the HDX-INTRO HCL Digital Experience Introduction and HDX-BU-100 Business User (Beginners) courses.


  • This course helps you understand in more details how to use HCL Digital Experience as an administrator.
  • You will learn what kind the deployment options, how to install/deploy, what environments to use, stage and do the basic administration of HCL Digital Experience.

Herbert Hilhorst
HCL Technical Advisor