HVMX-BC-400 Volt MX Widget and API Deep Dive
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HCL Volt MX Bootcamp Day 4

  • This course is a deep-dive into the Volt MX Iris Widgets and API
  • At the end of this session, students will be able to use the Browser, Camera and Map Widgets and API and the Animation, Localization, Gesture and Geolocation APIs
  • To complete the exercises in this training, you will need to download and install HCL Volt MX Iris V9 and access to a Foundry Server.
  • Completion of HVMX-BC-100 Volt MX Iris and Foundry Jumpstart and HVMX-BC-200 Introduction to Volt MX Iris Development is helpful
  • Working knowledge of JavaScript

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Seth Weissman