HVMX-BC-300 Volt MX Foundry Development
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HCL Volt MX Bootcamp Day 3

  • This course is on creating Foundry services and using Iris to consume these services.
    We’ll look at how to create Identity services, XML and Database Integration services and Business Objects.
    Then we'll create an Iris application that reads and writes data using these services.
  • At the end of this session, students will be able to create Foundry services and an Iris application that consumes these services to read and write data. 
  • To complete the exercises in this training, you will need to download and install HCL Volt MX Iris V9 and access to an Foundry Server.
  • You will need access to an instance of mySQL
  • Completetion of HVMX-BC-100 Volt MX Iris and Foundry Jumpstart and HVMX-BC-200 Introduction to Volt MX Iris Development is helpful
  • Working knowledge of JavaScript

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Seth Weissman