Deploying HCL Sametime Premium 12 on Kubernetes Self-Paced Workshop
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  • This is a completely hands-on course that guides Sametime Administrators through quickly setting up a Kubernetes cluster and deploying HCL Sametime.
  • At the end of this session, students will be able to:
    • Set up a Kubernetes Cluster from scratch
    • Configure the Kubernetes Cluster for Sametime
    • Deploy Sametime
    • Test Sametime Chat and Meetings with different Sametime clients
    The setup described in this lab is suitable for a test or development environments with different Sametime clients

  • To follow the instructions in this course, you need to have access to a set of 4 Linux servers. You can run these servers either as physical or virtual machines on-premises or as virtual servers in an IaaS cloud of your choice.

  • LDAP Server

  • Review the Pre-requisites Lesson for a complete.list of all servers and requirements necesssary to complete this workshop in your own environment.